A Quick Guide to Roof Tents

A TentBox is a sleeping pod that attaches to the roof of any vehicle. Learn how to start your TentBox journey with our 4-step guide.

Step 1. Get roof bars

You can get roof bars for any vehicle, even if there are no obvious fixing points or rails.

They're super easy to install and come with clear instructions.

It’s a good idea to buy your TentBox and roof bars at the same time, so you can install them in one go.

Step 2. Check roof load limit

Every vehicle has a dynamic roof load limit, i.e. how much weight can be put on the roof whilst driving. You can usually find this online, or in your vehicle manual.

Your roof load limit must be greater than, or equal to the weight of the TentBox.

Almost all cars have a dynamic roof load limit of 50kgs or more, so are compatible with a TentBox Lite as a minimum. Lots of cars are 75kg or higher, so will work with all TentBox models.

What about the about the added weight of people inside?

When a car is stationary (the only time people are inside), the roof can take 5x the dynamic roof load limit, so can easily handle the weight of several people too.

Step 3. Choose your TentBox

Once you know your roof load limit, you can compare this against the weight of each TentBox model to work out which ones will work with your car.

Then, compare the features of each model to see which one best suits your needs.

Once you've chosen your TentBox, choose any accessories to build your perfect adventure package.

Step 4. Delivery and Intallation

Your TentBox will be delivered by our 2-person service, on the date of your choice. Installation is straightforward and takes 20-30 minutes. Everything you need comes in the box and we provide clear instructions.

Alternatively, add an installation to your backet when choosing your tent and book a slot with us. Simply arrive, have your tent installed for you and drive off on your TentBox adventure!


Is a TentBox easy to install?

Yes, a TentBox is really easy to install and should take no longer than 30 minutes. You will need an extra pair of hands to help lift it onto your roof bars, but after that, it’s just a case of sliding in the fixing brackets and tightening 8 nuts.

Contact us if you need any help with installation or to book your slot for us to do it for you. 

Will a TentBox work with my car?

There is a TentBox model for almost any vehicle, even small cars. You just need to get roof bars, which are available for every vehicle, and check your vehicle roof load limit to see which TentBox models are compatible.

If you’re struggling, we are experts in roof tents. You can contact us for help with any of the above.

How do I choose the right TentBox for me?

Take a look at the product pages to get a real flavour for each model.

The TentBox Facebook Community is also a good place to explore other people's setups and see what takes your fancy.

If you want expert advice, just speak with our specialists, who will be more than happy to help you choose your TentBox.

Can I fit a TentBox to a roof rack, instead of bars?

You can fit a TentBox to a roof rack, but unless you already have it, it is much simpler and cheaper to install it to a pair of cross-bars.

Will a TentBox work on a small car?

Yes absolutely, a TentBox roof tent will work with most small cars.

You just need to find out your vehicle roof load limit to understand what models are compatible.

Sometimes for very small cars, the TentBox Lite is the only option. However, our larger TentBox models are also suited to a lot of smaller cars.

If you need help finding out what TentBox models are compatible with you car, contact our team.

Will a TentBox work on a van/truck?

Yes, putting a roof tent on a van/truck is a popular option. A TentBox makes a great addition to a van or even a campervan (as an extra bedroom).

The easiest way to install one on a truck is over the front cab, as roof bars are easier to find and install. However, some people also attach them to the back cab - you just need to find suitable cross bars and bed top, which we can help with.

Vans and trucks are taller than standard cars, so you might find it helpful to have a collapsible step ladder to help you open and close the TentBox.

Can I install a TentBox on a trailer?

Lots of people install a roof tent on a trailer.

If you want mount your TentBox on a trailer, you will just need to make sure your trailer has suitable load ratings and cross bars to mount it to.

Trailers can be a great option for a TentBox because they can be unhooked easily and left at camp or stored in a garage. They also provide extra space for carrying gear and camping equipment.

What are the benefits of a TentBox?

Despite the name, a TentBox is more of a sleeping pod than a tent, and it’s just one step away from a campervan. You can sleep anywhere you can park your car, including on hard surfaces like car parks or driveways, and don’t need to look for a flat grassy pitch.

Being high off the ground makes not only for amazing elevated views from the windows but also means you are well away from the cold, wet mud and creepy crawlies. The natural air barrier between the TentBox and the car roof acts as an insulation barrier and means you stay warmer as the heat is not sucked into the ground. 

After the initial investment, it’s a super cost-effective way to travel as there are tonnes of free places to park up for the night, and campsites are far cheaper than hotels.

Does a TentBox take long to set up?

They are also super quick to set up and come fitted with a mattress; depending on the model you choose, you can also leave your bedding laid out inside when driving so that it’s already made for you when you pop it open. 


Do I have to remove my TentBox for winter?

You can leave a TentBox on your car all year round, which means you are ready for spontaneous adventures at the drop of a hat. Whether that be a  weekend away at a campsite after a long week at work, or sleeping on a friend's driveway after a dinner party, everything is possible once you have a TentBox.

Why buy from you and not from TentBox directly?

As an approved dealer, Adventure Equipped are able to offer discounts and incentives, which aren;t always matched by other retailers. For example, Hire Before You Buy or claim a Blue Light Discount. We are also able to offer a wider range of accessories to go with your new TentBox, plus viewings/demonstrations in Bristol. 

Can you fit my TentBox for me?

We aim to keep each TentBox in stock at all times, however this is always guaranteed. This means you can not only click & collect, but also book viewings of several tents and take away the one you want, or even buy online and book an installation with us. 

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